Ark Capitals Review – Top Reasons to Opt for this Broker

Ark Capitals Review

Ark Capitals logoThere are thousands of online brokers that you will come across when you initiate a search for one to begin trading in the financial markets. Some of them focus on a specific market, while others offer variety. Likewise, there are those that target a specific type of trader and others welcome everyone. Along with these differences, you will also find differences in features, services and quality. Therefore, you have to have some strong reasons to opt for one broker over the rest and this Ark Capitals review is aimed at highlighting some prominent reasons to choose it:

Reason 1: Variety of trading instruments

The first and most prominent reason to opt for Ark Capitals is because of the variety of trading instruments they offer. You can trade in several markets from one platform, which is highly convenient because it means you only manage one trading account rather than juggling several. Most importantly, you will be able to access some of the biggest financial markets here and this offers the opportunity of making high profits.

You can trade in the stock, forex, commodities, cryptocurrency and indices markets at Ark Capitals and this also provides you the chance to diversify your portfolio. It is an excellent way of keeping your risks reduced and increase your returns.

Reason 2: Excellent security infrastructure

Another solid reason for you to think about opening a trading account with Ark Capitals is because of their excellent security infrastructure. They have taken this responsibility very seriously and protect your deposits by keeping them in segregated accounts. Even if the company goes bankrupt, your funds will remain safe. They also protect your sensitive and confidential data by keeping it encrypted at all times.

Other than these measures, you will come to know that Ark Capitals is compliant with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) security policies. They ask for proof of identity and proof of residence for verifying accounts on the platform, which can minimize risks like financial fraud, terrorist financing, and money laundering and identity theft.

Reason 3: A quick sign up process

The fact that you can sign up with Ark Capitals in a couple of minutes is a very good reason for you to open an account with them. They don’t ask you for extensive personal information and neither do they have any such formalities that you need to complete. There is just one form on their website that you have to fill and it is a very basic one.

All you have to do is enter your first name, surname, email address, country, phone and language. You are then asked to confirm that you are at least 18 and have to agree with Ark Capitals’s Terms and Conditions to complete the process. Your account will be made right away.

Reason 4: Accommodating trading platforms

One of the best reasons to choose any broker is because of the trading platforms they offer and Ark Capitals has done a great job in this regard. This is the most vital feature offered to traders and no compromises have been made here. You are offered the best possible flexibility because there are three types of platforms to choose from; a desktop platform that you can download on your PC, a WebTrader that you access via the browser and a mobile trading app for Android that can be downloaded on a tablet or smartphone.

Every single one of these has been integrated with cutting edge technology by Ark Capitals to provide superior trade execution. They have ensured that the platforms are easy to navigate, so traders will have no trouble in using them. Plus, they are also equipped with the best tools, including economic calendar, live charts and graphs, technical indicators, trading signals and more.

Final Decision

Thanks to these reasons, you can rest assured that Ark Capitals is the ultimate solution for your trading needs.