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Russian Sites
The Central Bank of the Russian Federation
State Committee of the Russian Federation on statistics
Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
Russian Business Consulting - a source for news and data
Data compiled from the Russian State Committee on Statistics - I
Economic Expert Group at the Russian Ministry of Finance
Russian regional database
Russian Stock Exchange
The Government of the Russian Federation
Russian financial update
Russian Internet Library of Financial Sources
Russian stock market index
Russian economic news wire I
Russian economic news wire II
World Sites
Russian Economic Trends: Data and Updates
Russian Economy Internet Resources
McKinsey Global Institute
LUCRECES: Leeds University Centre for Russian, Eurasian and Central European Studies
U.S. Census Bureau: Eurasia Bulletin
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Russian and Eurasian Affairs Program
Centre for Co-operation with Non-members
Central Banks Annual Reports in the Joint World Bank-IMF Library
Centre for Economic Performance
Transition Newsletter
European Bank for Construction and Redevelopment
IMF: Finance and Development
IMF Publications
Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition
Public Policy for the Private Sector
International Monetary Fund
The World Bank Group
S&P's Emerging Markets Database
Country Studies: Area Handbook Series
The William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan Business School


The Flat Tax, by Alvin Rabushka