Welcome to our site on the Russian economy. We encourage you to add our site to your list of bookmarks or favorites. The object of this site is to provide scholarly critique and analysis of Russia's economy. We also set forth some policy proposals that we believe can put Russia on a path of growth. Our audience includes policy makers, both inside and outside Russia, international lenders, governments, foreign and Russian investors, scholars, students, and others interested in Russia and post-Communist economies.

This site has three main items. The first is a book in progress, what we call a living e-book, written by Michael S. Bernstam and Alvin Rabushka, titled From Predation to Prosperity: How to Move from Socialism to Markets. Several of the chapters in Part One are accessible. Other chapters will be added to the site as they are completed. As new data become available, and as events warrant, we will replace existing chapters with new text. We will continually update statistical appendices with the latest data. Look on the What's New page for these additions and other new material. Readers are invited to read, print, and use this material in their teaching, research, or other activities so long as they give it proper citation.

The second item is a book that Bernstam and Rabushka published in July 1998 entitled Fixing Russia's Banks: A Proposal for Growth (Hoover Press). The book can be purchased from the Hoover Press if desired, but readers are free to print a copy directly from the site. Again, we ask that proper citation is given if the book is used in research or teaching.

The third item is "Comments and Articles." In this category, we plan to post brief essays that either or both of us may write on Russia's economy several times a month. We will also comment on major economic trends and developments in Russia which may be announced by Russian authorities, by U.S. government officials, or by such international organizations as the IMF. We will occasionally review new scholarly publications. However, russiaeconomy is not designed to be a comprehensive Russian site. Nor do we intend to post the work of other experts. Selected other sources can be accessed in the links we have identified.

The "What's New" item on the navigation bar will identify newly posted material.